This english section of the website is work in progress. We are going to describe job law in Italy.

 You will find all new acts governing the relationship between companies and employees.


New job act in Italy

20/02/2015 In this English section of the website, we are going to show the new Italian acts about labor relations and judicial protection of commercial credits. In Italy, employees were protected by art. 18 of act n. 300/1970 (usually called “employees statue”), until 2014: workers unjustly fired could sue their employer for being reinstated to their job and for damages (salaries from... [Leggi tutto]

Procedural violation and unlawful dismissal

04/04/2015 According to new rules, if a dismissal is judged unlawful for procedural violations, fired employees get a compensation, quantified in a month’s salary per year worked, from the minimum of six months, to the maximum of twelve months. This different compensation is paid only if dismissal isn’t declared illegal for more serious reasons, for example the absence of justification.... [Leggi tutto]


04/04/2015 According to new Italian job act, if a redundancy is judged unlawful, employees hired after February 2015 get a compensation quantified in two months' salary per year worked, from the minimum of four months, to the maximum of twenty-four months.New employees can’t obtain reinstatement anymore. The amount of compensation isn’t reduced, if the dismissed employee finds another job,... [Leggi tutto]

Dismissal for existing disciplinary offense

04/04/2015 If a dismissal for disciplinary offense is based on real facts, but disproportionate to the offense, the employee can only sue for damages. Compensation for damages is quantified in two months' salary per year worked, from the minimum of four months, to the maximum of twenty-four months. Disciplinary codes and collective agreement are decisive for the judgment of unlawful dismissal. Before... [Leggi tutto]

Calculation of damages

08/04/2015   New Italian Job Act has introduced a new system of calculation of damages for unlawful dismissal: two months’ salary per year worked. Salary underlying the calculation of damages is quantified dividing the month’s salary by 12 and multiplying by the paid months (they can be 13 or 14). If the employee doesn’t work all the year, the two months’ salary... [Leggi tutto]

The discretion of the court has been reduced

08/04/2015   The Italian government shows little esteem for the discretion of the court: new Italian Job Act exhaustively establishes the consequences of unlawful dismissal. Cases are regulated in details: reinstaitment can be ordered only, if the disciplinary offense doesn’t exist or isn’t committed by the employee. In all the other cases of unlawful dismissal, the court issues an... [Leggi tutto]

Unemployment benefits

08/04/2015   From May 2015, a fired employee get higher unemplyment benefits than before. Benefits last 18 months, instead of 8 (12 for people older than 50); the maximum monthly payment is 1.300 euros. The duration and the amount of unemployment benefits depends on the duration of the employment relationship and the amount of social security contributions. It is a strong public protection... [Leggi tutto]